two months – eternity at the blink of an eye


I really didn’t want to start this post by saying: “I can’t believe it’s been two months”. Because of course I can believe it – it’s a matter of fact. The thing that’s weird about it is that it seems like a long period and like it simply ran by at the same time. So it’s been two months since I signed my new work contract and all pics were taken on that warm August evening. They portray all my feelings – sincere determination, happiness and excitement about finally being able to work in the field of interior decoration.


My first full month is almost over and here’s a little conclusion: My former job was a regular routine – now I’m the assistant of the owner of an interior decoration boutique and not only is there so much to learn (fabrics, deliverants, calculating prices,…), but also I have to be a multitasker. And I work longer hours. I don’t mind it at all, as I love what I’m doing, but obviously right now it limits my  private online time. Blogging after work simply doesn’t work for me and the weekends are for household, friends and family. Again, I don’t want to give up on it yet and I have an idea in the back of my head,  but first I still have to become acquainted with and concentrate on my new career.


Setting priorities and taking one step after the other is the usually the best way to go. So I hope to see you soon – until then you can also follow me on Instagram (macsinthecity), a tool I’ve really grown to like within the last year. Have a great week, sincerely yours, Macs!

olive and brown – favorite neutrals in fall


Albeit owning both, the olive skirt and the brown silk blouse for two years already, this was the first time I’m sporting them together. I have some news to share – but it’s gotten late again and so I’ll leave you all today with a couple more pics after the clic and my best wishes for the upcoming week – sincerely yours, Macs!

Obwohl ich bereits sowohl Rock als auch Bluse bereits seit ca. zwei Jahren besitze, trug ich sie doch erst jetzt das erste Mal in der Kombination. Eigentlich wollte ich heute zwei Einträge schreiben, denn bei mir steht grad wieder Mal eine Veränderung an – aber es ist bereits spät und somit halte ich mich kurz. Wer mag, es gibt noch ein paar Detailfotos nach dem Klick. Ich wünsche Euch eine tolle Woche – herzlichst, Eure Macs!

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Thank you rain …


for not allowing me to wear my actually intended outfit for the wedding we’re invited to today. As I just realized, I would have sported these lovely plateau sandals without stockings!


These days everybody shall happily present heir style as they please, but still there are a few rules I follow. One of them concerns the matter of wearing stockings at church. I even obliged to that one on the hottest day last year, when my dear sis got married. So then, I’ll still wear the dress and hope you’ll also like the pics of the rest. (presented asap ;-) Until then, take care – sincerely yours, Macs!


on summer vacation – #1 Kitzbühel


It’s been four weeks, since I took this iPhone snap of hubby and me heading westwards to first spend a few days with our nephew in Kitzbühel and then moving further down south to enjoy some relaxing days in Italy. Starting with a summary of some personal Tyrol impressions. for more, please …

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summer dresses – #prints all over


Long overdue, I may now finally show you a compilation of the three printed dresses I wore this summer. Actually I can see myself sporting this model also in fall (which is obviously closer than we’d all like to have it) or even winter, but that’s a different story. The reason it took so long, was because I prefer showing my “looks on the go”, instead of standing still in front of our white (kitchen) background at home. Yes, it’s a plain contrast, but neither the light is right, nor the angle, etc. Let’s just say that by now I’d occasionally rather use dizzy iPhone pics. ;-) But check out the difference for yourself, by …

Schon länger angekündigt, folgt hier nun endlich eine Zusammenfassung der drei von mir am häufigsten getragenen Musterkleider dieses Sommers. Wobei ich mir auch vorstellen könnte, das am Titelbild getragene Modell im Herbst (der offenbar näher ist als uns allen lieb) oder auch im Winter zu tragen, aber das ist eine andere Geschichte. Der Grund, warum es so lange gedauert hat, ist jedenfalls der, dass ich Euch mittlerweile lieber meine “Outfits unterwegs” zeige, anstatt vor der weißen Küchenwand. Ja, es ist ein neutraler Hintergrund, aber dort ist einerseits das Licht nicht richtig, andererseits der Winkel. Daher ziehe ich gelegentlich sogar diffuse iPhone-Schnappschüsse vor. Aber seht es Euch doch selbst an, …

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