summer dresses – #1 my blue sheath dress

9. July3

is it just me or does time run even faster in the summer? Maybe it’s because there was so much going on – birthdays, a lovely wedding and in between all the festivities I also have to work plus of course enjoy some casual and much needed relaxing time with hubby outside. But I’m drifting off – the entry on why I’ve been such an unreliable blogger for over half a year now shall be covered some other time. Just this much: It’s not always up to me, when already announced plans don’t turn out the way I had intended. Not to worry, the idea is still there, just have to find a better time and way to make it happen. In the meantime I’ve found a subject, which I can promise to cover on a regular basis throughout the summer. Fortunately outfit posts don’t need that many words, which is often my biggest handicap when trying to write up an entry after work. So let’s start this the Macs way – classic, straight and simple with my navy blue cotton sheath dress, which – just like it’s two siblings in red and black – has been a trusted companion in my closet for over ten years. #2 will be a series of me sporting some of my dresses with prints. The following pics (after the click) will show three ways of how I wore it; once in May, once in June and last Friday on my way through the city, purchasing yet another b-day gift. ;-) Have a lovely Sunday and a great week – sincerely yours, Macs!

Wahnsinn wie die Zeit vergeht – der Sommer verfliegt immer besonders schnell. Liegt vermutlich auch an der Häufung diverser Festivitäten. Abgesehen davon gibt es noch die Arbeit und mein Mann und ich genießen auch jede Minute draußen. Allerdings liegt es nicht nur daran, dass ich seit über einem halben Jahr so unregelmäßig blogge – aber mehr dazu ein andermal. Heute gibt’s einen Outfit-Post à la Macs – klassisch, einfach, in drei Variationen zeige ich Euch mein blaues Etuikleid, das mich seit über zehn Jahren begleitet. Nächstes Mal gibt’s dann ein paar Bilder von mir in gemusterten Kleidern. Ich wünsch Euch einen schönen Sonntag und eine tolle Woche – herzlichst, Macs!

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16 years of love and humor


Today is our anniversary – 16 years as a couple, eight of them married! <3 It’s hard to find words to describe how much I love and appreciate my husband, so I’m keeping this entry short and humorous. And really, besides love and respect, humor is a major aspect to a good relationship/marriage.

After so many years, people seriously start to argue about the little daily errors – something we simply can’t comprehend. So, in our marriage he’s the one to leave the shower gel lid open, where as I tend to forget to put the vacuum cleaner accessories back in their according place. Well, at least we use either one. ;-)

Wishing you all another weekend full of fun, sunshine, love and laughter and don’t forget that my Give Away ends tomorrow. Take care – until soon, sincerely yours Macs!

I go extreme with Maybelline

Just so you know, I’d choose end Nr.3! Of course Nr. 2 would be the “most extreme” finish, but please – let’s remain real. ;-) As you can see, I’m quite a fan of  Maybelline Mascara – my two favorites right now are “wrong lashes” and “cat eyes” – …


but now I can’t wait to try the Colossal Go Extreme Volum’ Express!


I’m quite anxious to see the effect it has on my eyes. But with all the experience I’ve had with this Mascara brand so far, I’m quite positive it will give my lashes full power and an extreme dose of Volume all the way to the tips.


For the launch of the Volum’ Express the Colossal Extreme Mascara, Maybelline has also set up a couple of competitions – go check out this link to win either a trip to New York or a base flight. Good luck!

what’s been up – good excuse for absence


Please accept my apologies with this little sunflower. Took this snap at another birthday party we attended last week. June is really “the” birthday month within my circle of colleagues, friends and family. Counted ten so far, including my humble self. ;-)



Other than that I’ve been working on my new blog layout – f.e. updating some of the subpages and can’t wait to share them en detail soon. And finally – despite knowing that I shouldn’t praise myself – here’s the best excuse for not following up with my announced entries from last saturday yet: I’ve been helping two very inspiring and strong young women, who started a rescue project for the flood victims in Bosnia. This iPhone snap only gives a very small impression of the amount of donated items we have to sort through, divide into groups and repack. Lots of work, but so necessary! Well then, I’m off again to run some errands, but hope (again) to be back later this weekend. Until then, have a good one! sincerely yours, Macs