Hamburg – what a pearl!

HamburgMore to come soon – until then, I’m busy imagining the inside of this stunning house! ;-)

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Macs in the Kitchen – 2 in 1 dishes #3

3inoneAs announced on instagram, here is entry number 3 regarding me turning left overs into a rather yummy meal …

Wie schon auf Instagram angekündigt folgt hiermit nun Teil 3 zum Thema geschmackvoller “Reste-Verwertung” …

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“finally getting my ass up” – and let’s keep on going …

macsontherunmissing all of you and at the same time still enjoying my little blog brake! :-)  And still – despite of a lot of work I at least try my best to instagram  (@macsinthecity) …

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living “under (constant) construction”


I started this post already a few months ago, while renovating our living room – freshening up the parquet and our walls and also finally exchanging the lights in our dining area. But actually my thoughts are still up to date, which is why I decided to finish this one up today with some more current pics of me enjoying to “redecorate”.

Diesen Eintrag wollte ich schon etwas länger fertig stellen – hauptsächlich geht es um das Thema Renovieren, Veränderung, Entscheidungen und meiner großen Leidenschaft, das Dekorieren …

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under pressure … taking a little brake


Hey folks! Just a quick sign of life to let you all know, I’m still here! Pardon my lack of posts lately, but right now having a full time job and the rest of my private life simply take up too much time and energy. I will continue to blog, now doubt about it, but I also need to rethink my schedule and obligations – so for now, all I can do is Thank you for your patience and loyalty and I’ll see you again very soon!! Also, regarding the future I’ve decided to still cover the major aspect of translations, but all together my posts will be mainly in English from now on! And while we’re already at it – I’ve also decided to yet again reduce my sponsored entries. And last, but not least – as much as I love the rather straight design of my blog, I plan to feminisize it a bit! Take care, and I’ll see ya soon - sincerely yours, Macs :D

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