living “under (constant) construction”


I started this post already a few months ago, while renovating our living room – freshening up the parquet and our walls and also finally exchanging the lights in our dining area. But actually my thoughts are still up to date, which is why I decided to finish this one up today with some more current pics of me enjoying to “redecorate”.

Diesen Eintrag wollte ich schon etwas länger fertig stellen – hauptsächlich geht es um das Thema Renovieren, Veränderung, Entscheidungen und meiner großen Leidenschaft, das Dekorieren …

So, my life has been sort of “under construction” in all imaginable aspects for quite a while now and although I’m a person, who likes changes and adapts to them quite easily, at the same time it’s also nerve wrecking and I constantly find my self longing for completion. I can be patient and pragmatic, as there is no point in throwing a hissy fit if it won’t change the momentary situation. But at the same time, I also want everything ready and nice, as soon as I’ve visualized the outcome. Tricky, especially, when you have several things going on at once – new job, renovation at home, etc. . Unfortunately within the last years I have also become rather indecisive, however without any improvement regarding the outcome. Because formerly I decided fast and occasionally ended up with the conclusion that maybe I decided too fast. ;-) Now I take forever to make up my mind, and still I question my decision again soon after. Really not helpful (when you’re already impatient), but actually rather annoying and as already mentioned, nerve wrecking – and not just for me. But, and that’s the positive part, I’m pretty good at analyzing myself (and others), so most times I can figure out a way to solve my issues. In this case I remembered one of the golden rules of my mom – at that time it mainly applied, when I had to write a test at school: She always reminded me to first master the questions/problems, which I was certain about and then go back and tackle the more difficult ones. So, step one regarding renovation: First and further most, don’t rush it! And it really payed off to do a thorough job – after all we will live here a few more years. Step two: Finish off the parts you’re certain about and which are most annoying, before going into detail. In any case, here are a ton of pics (since my camera broke, most of them taken by iphone!) – some older, some more recent of me enjoying my hobby of redecorating and really playing with my feminine side. Have a great weekend, folks – sincerely yours, Macs

Wie manche von Euch bereits wissen, finden bei mir seit ca. zwei Jahren einige Veränderungen (Job, Heim-Renovierung,…) statt, die zwar einerseits spannend, aber auch nicht immer leicht sind und  oft mehr Zeit und Energie in Anspruch nehmen als gedacht. Wie dem auch sei – wichtig ist einfach, nicht die Nerven zu verlieren, nichts zu überstürzen und nicht jede Entscheidung gleich wieder zu hinterfragen. Hoffe, Euch gefällt meine “kleine” Bilderansammlung (die meisten davon per iPhone, da meine Kamera kaputt ist). ;-) Wünsche Allen ein wunderbares Wochenende – herzlichst, Eure Macs

living room process and the outcome - before (couch arrangement)

2-livingroomduring parquet floor renovation

7-floorfinally free of old laquer

freeoflaquerand after

simplelrdecided on the colour combo: brown, cream white, orange, with hints of fresh green

livingroom1livingroom2browncreamorangecandlesfloor of our hallway and after finally moving our washing machine the new customized drawers in our kitchen – simply loooove the additional (70 cm deep) space!!


customizeddrawers1customizeddrwares2continuing with my girly areas – our walk through closet and the guest bathroom, where I do my hair and make up; starting with demonstrating chaos in one corner

chaosand continuing with one of my rather organized scarf drawers and the (now) extended show department right across



shoeshelffrontfinishing up this area with my beloved purse compartment; rather full and still, there is “one” more I long for. ;-) – sorry, no LV, “just” Hermès, Bally, Tod’s and Fendi! :D

pursecorneranother “girly” section – which is actually our guest bathroom, but since it’s right at the entrance I decided to (mis)use it as my “finish area” and so this is where I store my make up, (rarely used) hair products and favorite perfumes, including (some) sample viles for him and her.

guestbath2guestbath1for now bringing my deco ambitions to an end by showing you my “Valentine’s night stand” and last, but not least my beloved davenport! :D



  1. Stil-Box says:

    Was für tolle Einblicke – und so inspirierend! Eurer Holzboden sieht ganz klasse aus und Dein Einrichtungsgeschmack so stilvoll. Witzigerweise haben wir eine ähnliche Küche wie Du (Fronten und Griffe) – good choice!

    Herzliche Grüße aus FFM

    • Macs says:

      Hey Anna, vielen herzlichen Dank für Deine lieben Komplimente! Ich liebe unsere (11 Jahre alte) Küche. Das Einzige, das eventuell Mal getauscht wird ist die Arbeitsplatte und dementsprechend auch das Waschbecken. Aber weiße (Hochglanz)-Küchen wirken einfach immer frisch – und sind absolut zeitlos! :D Mit herzlichen Grüßen an Dich, Macs

    • Macs says:

      Tank you so much! :D Regarding the Diva Chocolate, the pralinés are/were okay, but to most of them have a rather strong alcohol taste. Must admit that I bought them mainly for the box. ;-) Hope, you have a lovely week, Macs

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